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misplaced in a memory

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Welcome to the graphic's journal, floating melodie, of
(formally irishborn12). The purpose of this community is for me to share my graphics, whether that be icons, banners, or a fanmix, with other livejournal users.


For the time being I am going to be the only posting here, which means that I will be the only member here. However, you are more than welcome to friend the community.


In order to keep everything organized, every entry will be archived in the memories and tags.

credits and resources.

An archive of all the pictures, text, textures, I use are located in my resource section.

» faceon & wooed @ starlingsby100
» perforada @ peoplemachines
» exiiguity @ reversescollide
» mintyapple
» html tables


» _sinelinea
» anatomy_awards
» dawnoflove
» euphoriart
» ingenueicons
» loleiasbits
» pastpending - Formally Ingenueicons
» pinklabel
» rum_awards
» sealedcards
» smirkalot

please read.

» Comment - Please comment in each entry if you are taking any icons or music tracks.
» Credit - Please give credit for the icons you are taking. I like to keep track of my icons, so please be respectable and give credit to augurea.
» Don't Hotlink - Please do not hotlink. It eats up bandwidth while causing the annoying photobucket banners to appear, and it benefits no one. What is hotlinking?
» Don't Edit or Take Credit As Own - Don't edit any of the icons found in Floating Melodie, with text or textless.
» Textless Icons Are Not Bases - Every icon takes time to make. Each one is unique and should not be edited. Do not take textless icons, edit them, and call them your own.
» Livejournal Only - The icons I make are for livejournal only. Please do not use them on other blog websites, personal websites, etc.
» Nominations - If anyone sees an icon they wish to nominate you are more than welcome to do so, but please let me know.


» anatomy awards_ - A Grey's Anatomy Awards Community
» elite_actress - An Elite Actress-Themed Community

» elite_help - A Help Site for Everyone to Better Icons and Share Techniques
» history_stills - A History Stillness Community
» rum_awards - A Pirates of the Caribbean Awards Community


If anyone has any questions please do not hesitate to ask. Also, there is a frequently asked questions thread which can be found here.